To trash or not to trash?

The average American produces around 5 pounds of trash a day. According to the EPA, in 2017 the US produced 267.8 million tons of wastes, including paper, glass, metals, plastics, food, wo

What you can do to help you nature neighbors.

Photo by fotografierende on Look into conservation projects in your area. This is probably the most beneficial to your local wild life areas. Here in Tennessee, there are 78 endangered species, 22 threatened species and 60 at-rick species according to the Fish and Wildlife website (on 9/16/2020). These numbers can and do change rather... Continue Reading →

Pollution in my back yard:

well actually the park behind my apartment I currently live in Johnson City, Tennessee. For the most part my town is very environmentally friendly for the region. However, it is sorely lacking compared to the greenest cities in the state or tri state region. I do love the area. The mountains are very close. People... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Mussels

Walking along the riverbanks, lake sides, and pond shores across the world are empty open shells that were once the shield of protection to many freshwate

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