Physics Chapter 3 2-D Motion It is really important to know how to use vectors for the rest of the class. Vectors as we said before have both magnitude and direction. Commonly this is going to be force and acceleration, but there are others. When using Vectors, make sure to use components together. Life before with Vector A... Continue Reading →

Physics Chapter 1

Physics is the understanding of how and why something happens. All sciences, Engineers, Architects, Healthcare professional, Computer Programmers, Video game designers and even machinist need physics to understand their world and careers. For this semester the topic that will be covered are: Kinematics [ 1 and 2 D, Linear, and rotational motions]ForcesMechanical EnergyBasic Fluid... Continue Reading →

Plant Ecology Introduction

Photo by Visually Us on What is plant ecology and why is it important? Well simply, it is the study of distribution and abundance of plants and the effects the environment has on them. The importance of knowing these things about plants and the communities can be seen all over the world. Agriculture, consumer... Continue Reading →

Educations of Fall 2021

The following posts will be what I have learned this semester at university. I go to a small school in the Mountains of TN called ETSU. I major in Biology with a concentration on conservation. After graduation, I will be pursuing a Masters and PhD to further my education. This year has been hard all... Continue Reading →

What you can do to help you nature neighbors.

Photo by fotografierende on Look into conservation projects in your area. This is probably the most beneficial to your local wild life areas. Here in Tennessee, there are 78 endangered species, 22 threatened species and 60 at-rick species according to the Fish and Wildlife website (on 9/16/2020). These numbers can and do change rather... Continue Reading →

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