Introduction into Research Videos of TED Talks

I big part of research is the presentation of your work and how well people can follow the ideas. However, it is also good to know what makes good science and bad science. So for class we watched three videos and gave our views on them. Please enjoy!

The idea that science doesn’t solve all question but breeds more questions is exactly why I love research. To best understand the world we should play and question. Answering your own questions about a thing you found is how you learn and in turn how science grows together.

Dr. Drori shows us the importance of questioning everything. If no one questions why or where things happen we wouldn’t understand the importance of the world. The idea he used that struck me the most was where trees get their substance from the dirt? or the air? The idea that the mass comes from the air is mind boggling to most, but with out the importance of understanding how and why this happens we wouldn’t be able to understand photosynthesis or ways of combating climate changes. The minor questions that we over look could hold the keys to so many things. So let’s ask the questions, and keep asking them everyday.

The big take away I got from this video is the importance to understanding phenomena lays in science. Having good science doesn’t necessarily mean that people won’t try to prove you wrong. Its a part of science and expanding. Good science will stand through the bad science. Using logic we can form a better understanding of the world.

Also, apparently people are paid to debunk “science” and I think that is a genius career for keeping science in check. I could go on and on about bad science and pseudo science but that would be a topic for another time.

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