Educations of Fall 2021

The following posts will be what I have learned this semester at university. I go to a small school in the Mountains of TN called ETSU. I major in Biology with a concentration on conservation. After graduation, I will be pursuing a Masters and PhD to further my education.

This year has been hard all around for students, staff and faculty. In the age of pandemic, trying to understand and learn is becoming more and more challenging. Last year, we faced not only a deadly virus but a new form of education that shell shocked most of the states if not the world.

The age of Zoom university is not over, however, many schools (like mine) went back to in person teaching. Some students (like myself) struggled not only with our ability to learn through zoom but also physical and mental health issues. We face a population of potential triggers, exposures, and anxieties that are new and frightening. However, we must push on and evolve.

I wanted to take some time this year and share the overall topics and interesting things I am learning in my classes. I have wonderful professors who are here to help me learn, grow and stay healthy. My classes are:

  • Plant ecology and Evolution
  • Arachnology
  • Physics (Non Calc) with lab
  • Research

I will also be making TikToks and Youtube Videos as I learn more and become more confident in the materials. Hope you enjoy!

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