6 Gifts for the Zero Waster this Holiday season!

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

Hopefully, by now I have convinced you to become a reduced waster. But we all no that zero waster in our lives. How do we buy holiday gifts for them?!? It is so hard to avoid plastic and buy something that they will actually use. So here are a few gist ideas to start with.

  1. Klean Kanteen. Any of the products from this line is a good way to go. You can purchase them from amazon or even better, EarthHero. Klean Kanteen has all sorts of drink products like cups, tumblers, and even reusable straws!
Sourced From EarthHero.

To purchase these products here are the links for amazon and earthhero.

2. Zero Waste Gift Box. You can find a few of these online. Amazon has multiple choices as well as Earth Hero. But also there is one more Zero Waste gift Box I found. From MIGHTY NEST! These can be quite expensive. So another idea is a DIY Zero Waste Box.

Sourced from Mighty Nest


3. Unpaper towels. Now I know it is weird to give cleaning supplies as a holiday gift. But if you have a friend that loves to clean and wants to save the planet. They would probably love this idea. Unpaper towels are a reusable towel pack that replaces paper towel usage. They are machine washable and super absorbent. You can find a few brands between amazon, Earthhero and MightyNest

Sourced from EarthHero

4. Food Storage. From lunch boxes, to food storage containers, and bees wax papers. All of theses would be a quite gift idea for your earth friendly friends. On EarthHero, there is a cute stainless steel Lunchbox bento style. On MightyNest, there is the cutest bees wax wraps. If you are crafty you can even make your own bees wax wraps. Amazon has a 20 pack zero waste storage kit that is very promising.

5. Water Bottle. This is like a staple for all sustainable, environmental friendly, and conservationist people. Also its a great idea for anyone and everyone. There are ALOT of brands and styles also. So, you can find one to fit your friend’s needs. EarthHero has both hot and cold tumblers. MightyNest has both adult and kid bottles and bottle kits. And Of course, Amazon has TONS of options.

Sourced from MightyNest

6. Reusable Grocery Bag. There are SOOSOOOO MANY options. You can get them from ETSY. Which helps support small business producers instead of big suppliers. EarthHero Also has a great selection of bags. One even says “Shop like you give a sh*t”. I love with companies make bags like this. MightyNest also has some cute designs. You could make your own that way you can give your one spin on the design. Lastly, Amazon always has tons of supplies and designs.


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