Sustainable October: No Wasting Food!

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So gearing up for this project, I have taken not about how much food I personally throw away. And I can tell you I was shocked by how much I waste. I love to cook and make left overs. However, I seemed to fall out of the habit of eating left overs, and somehow I starting letting ingredients go bad in the fridge out of overall laziness.

Here are Five tips to help you cut down food waste

  1. Cook at home and meal planning. I told myself that I will be cooking dinner everynight! No waste of ingredients and I’ll eat the left overs as lunches. (Or give them away to friends). One method that helps me do this is meal planning. Not like prep a whole weeks worth of the same thing, but actually planning what days I will be cooking what meals.
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Here is a great planner you can download and use to get you started.

2. Use Less meat. A lot of times, I caught myself wanting to buy the big pack of meat because “hey this looks like it will last longer”. But really I use two pieces of chicken and want to freeze the rest and I forget about it until its freezer burned. Or I’ll just leave the raw meat in the fridge too long and it will go bad.


I am not saying cut out the meat buying. I just saying buy less. You don’t really need the big packs of chicken or meats. You can also but the manager special meats the day you want to cook them. For me I asked the butcher counter for my specific needs and they always help me avoid plastic as well.

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3. Buy local from farms and Farmer’s Markets. Unfortunately this year many cities stopped their farmers markets. However, when they are operational you can always buy the freshest eggs, vegetables and other goodies from the local farmers and cut down your plastic wastes.

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4. Don’t order take away. Honestly, I struggle with this a lot. Being in quarantine I got used to ordering from the restaurants around me instead of going to the grocery store. I found that the portion size in take away seems to be a lot higher then eat in portions and I would always have left overs. Also eating at restaurants does promote more waste than eating at home. I would change restaurant eating to special days.

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5. Start a garden. Doing an apartment garden can be challenging. You can do a small window garden or potting plant garden. Many vegetables can be grown indoors and some vegetables are perennials (meaning they come back every year. Also with your garden, you can start a compose with your table scraps.

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Next article I will discuss how to start an indoor compose.

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