Sustainable October : Sick and down

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So for day 2 and 3, I was planning on using a reusable bottle and not order take away. However, plans changed. I got really sick. Day one I laid in bed all day and ate whatever soup my boyfriend brought me form take away. Lets just say the bowls were not from sustainable restaurants.

I really wish I could have been able to make my own soup at home. But it was so bad I had to go to the hospital the next day. And in the hospital it was even worst.

Hospitals are very much not sustainable. They use so much plastic with out recycling. I they recycle some things but not everything. Also Styrofoam is every where. Cups, Bowls, plates. Its ridiculous. I forgot from working in a hospital how bad it was. I was a CNA so I got first hand knowledge about how much trash one patient can possible go through. It is awful.

Tomorrow, I will be doing house work and talk about kitchen and laundry sustainable methods.

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