Pollution in my back yard:

well actually the park behind my apartment

I currently live in Johnson City, Tennessee. For the most part my town is very environmentally friendly for the region. However, it is sorely lacking compared to the greenest cities in the state or tri state region. I do love the area. The mountains are very close. People (for the most part) try to protect our nature neighbors. Lately, (after the loss of my car) I began to walk to and from work (which is about a mile away). There is a nice little path that goes by a creek into a park. It is home to many species of plants, insects, birds, reptiles and shallow water marine life. The path goes from the Veteran Hospital Grounds until the intersection of State of Franklin and University Parkway, tucked behind the shopping centers and restaurants on State of Franklin. The creek flows on into Founders Park and Downtown Johnson City.

The path is a quite little walk. In first glance you will notice the peaceful ness of nature and how the plants grow wildly and fully next to their water source. It is wonderful, letting nature be nature. However, this peaceful sense is a misinformation that your mind is perceiving. While walking, I noticed that sign saying the vegetation was for buffering for the stream. In Founder’s Park, downstream, there are signs saying not to enter the water due to contamination of sewage and other man made contaminates. Being the nosey person, I am I had to look closer at the stream I walk part every day.

Litter in the bushes was trash, litters and even I bicycle. The little bird neighbor was picking through the trash for morsels of food left by passersby. I grabbed a bag from my apartment and managed to fill the ten-gallon trash bag with only a portion of the litter I saw. I could not reach the bicycle to free the bushes from the machine intruding on their branches. I got closer to the waters and saw trash, plastics and metals twisted around and along branches and roots. I wanted to pick up the litters from the stream as well as the path, but I only brought one bag and do not have rubber waders.

For anyone who would like to help keep Johnson City clean please reach out to the local politicians, city board members, and help us clean the city. Please don’t litter. You may not think that the piece of paper that you toss out of your car does damage. Or the plastic bag that gets caught in the wind hurts anything. Or even that you garbage can out on the curb can cause struggles with the local wild life. However, it does.

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