Buffalo Mountain

The best hikes near and around Johnson City, Tennessee for all hiking experiences. Many hikes safe for children and pets. Is home to a short “hard” trail that can be used for endurance training. Home to many types of wild life species, including aquatic and terrestrial.

The park is over 700 acres. It was obtained in 1994 and primary used for hiking and preservation. The park is open during daylight hours and welcomes picnics. The park does not have a campground however.

I enjoy hiking Buffalo Mountain anytime I don’t have time to leave the area and go deeper into the national parks. I have been hiking here since I first moved to Johnson City in 2008.

Recently, I moved back to Johnson City to finish my degrees at ETSU and have once again fallen in love with buffalo mountain. The first time I hiked Buffalo Mountain since moving back was like a dream I had forgotten. I felt as if I was pushing the fog of memory away with each step. Breathing the forgotten air with each breath. Meeting a new friend with each species. I felt as if I walked into my first home again.

In the next few trips I will be trying to ecologically classify and document various species that I find. Until then here are a bunch of photos I took while hiking of species that I have not classified. Enjoy!

I also want to note that when I hiked the Noggin a few weeks ago I fell and hurt my leg. If it wasn’t for my shoes I probably would have fallen harder and broken my leg. So please please please wear the right shoes and hike with a partner.

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