Hello & Welcome

We are the Ephemeral Stag. Nature and the natural world is fleeting and delicate. We are determined and driven to help save the world with education to the community and support through science and ecological research.

Welcome. You are reading the Ephemeral Stag.

Who are we?

Well, The Ephemeral Stag is owned and ran by Miss Sam Romines (me). You can read more about her/me on the about page. We are dedicated to educating the local are of Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia and the Carolinas about the national and state parks, endangered species of the areas, and overall environmental/conservation of the ecosystems.

Why the name The Ephemeral Stag?

When I was a young girl, my dad used to take us kids to the local national parks, especially Cades Cove. He loved seeing the wildlife and telling us all about each animal we met. He also taught us how to hunt (not in the national or state parks). I remember one day out on a hunting trip in the woods with my dad we were nestled down in a little hut. I kept praying silently that we wouldn’t see anything so I wouldn’t have to shoot it. (Spoiler alert we didn’t and I still have yet to shoot an animal with more than a tranquilizer) I drifted off to sleep in the silence. My dream was that I was out there alone. It was starting to get dark and I would have to find my way home soon. I had no trail, no map, no way home. I started to wonder around aimlessly, but I tripped over a pile of bones. There before me was laying a skeleton of a deer with a mighty antler rack. I screamed and woke myself. My dad of course died with laughter. I told him the story and we packed up. That was the last killing hunting trip I went on.

For those of you who don’t know ephemeral means for a short time, or in a ghostly manner or short lived. I have always felt that the nature we are trying to protect is fleeting at an impossible rate. Even life itself is so short compared to the life of the planet and universe.

Now on from the weird, really dark memories of mine to the more happy things in life. Life Bugs, Frogs, and other critters!

What we do?

I hike the trails local to me looking for endangered species and conservation needs in the area. As well as educating the public (ie the few readers I have) to the species in need of help, projects that may interest the conservationist hiding inside them, and the trails and parks that may interest any hiker.

About Us

To explore and educate.

Get In Touch

(865) 282 6544

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Johnson City, 37604

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