Hello & Welcome

We are the Ephemeral Stag. Nature and the natural world is fleeting and delicate. We are determined and driven to help save the world with education to the community and support through science and ecological research.

Welcome to Ephemeral Stag.

Who are we?

Well, The Ephemeral Stag is owned and ran by Miss Sam Romines (me). You can read more about her/me on the about page. We are dedicated to Conservation Biology and protecting the environment in all aspects. We have multiple branches from academic tutoring for the sciences on a college level to freelance data analysis. All of our endeavors are guided by science and saving the planet through conservation.

What we do?

Tutoring Services: We tutor Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, and many more classes that have to do with your education in Science from a university! To learn more plus visit the Education page.

Freelance Data Analysis and Research Proofreading: We offer simple data analysis and analysis coaching for Undergraduates, Graduates, and Professionals. We are proficient in R software and have developed Excel worksheets. Coaching is available for any analysis. Proofreading of Research, Academic, Scientific, and other documents is available for freelance rates. Please see our Freelance Page.

Conservation Research: We conduct research on a conservation platform for a better understanding of environmental factors that may endanger a species. Currently, all research is done at ETSU. We also speak at conferences about our research. All past research topics and conferences are listed on the Research page.

Productions: We also our many other talents via ETSY, TikTok, and Twitch. ETSY showcases handmade clothes made from recycled or upcycled materials. TikTok showcases the development of our education, life, and talents. Twitch is a new home for education, talents, life and open discussions of conservation (as well as playing video games). Please see our Production page.

Photography: To highlight the species found in the area we take, identify, and sell wildlife photography. To see our recent photos see our Photography Page.

Forgotten Mussels

Walking along the riverbanks, lake sides, and pond shores across the world are empty open shells that were once the shield of protection to many freshwate

About Us

To explore and educate.

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(865) 282 6544

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Johnson City, 37604

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